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Hans Mikaitis is the owner of Master Shipwrights.  He has spent his entire adult life refining and building upon the fine points of boatbuilding and design. 

Hans was born in the seaport city of Klaipeda, Lithuania and followed his father’s footsteps in boat building.  After his education in Germany and Boston, Hans apprenticed at Simms Yacht Works and Quincy Yacht Works in Massachusetts.  In 1957 he relocated to the bayshore area.  In this region, Hans worked for Ulrichsen Boat Works, Clipper Craft and Kulas Sea Skiffs.  He then owned and operated Twin Lights Yacht Works in Highlands and was partner in Zuber’s Sea Coast Basin in Brielle.  He established Master Shipwrights, Inc. in 1973.  The company is now located in Atlantic Highlands, conveniently near Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor.

Hans is one of just a few remaining craftsmen in the area.  He has deep and abiding respect for the centuries of tradition in boatbuilding.  Hans is at home lofting a vessel from the floor up as he is refitting a locker to the customer’s exact needs.